Prague, CZ

World Youth Championships Europe

Prague, CZ

A once-in-a lifetime experience in one of hockey’s true hotbeds. Scheduled for 2022, planning is still underway, so keep checking back for ongoing updates and new information.

Take the next step in your hockey journey

Canada, USA, Czech Republic, Russia, Sweden, Finland —elite talent from the world’s most prolific hockey regions will descend upon the Czech Replublic for their chance to get noticed and reach the next level.

An extension of the World Youth Championships, Play Hockey’s inaugural Elite Hockey Tour is invite-only for players born in ’10, ’09, and ’08. Only a small number of players will be brought in for this exclusive and valuable opportunity. The tournament will feature 5 round-robin games with 3 15-minute periods and a playoff bracket for 8 qualifying teams. Each team also gets 2 practices and an exhibition game.


Tour: May 28–June 5, 2022 Tournament: June 1–4, 2022 10', 09', 08' players

Truly world-class in every way, this one-of-a-kind experience brings attendees directly to the historic streets of Prague, where hockey reigns supreme as the most popular and beloved winter sport. It promises to be a remarkable moment for all players and their families.

Cancellation Policy for WYC Prague 2022 can be found here.


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A storied hockey tradition

For generations, the Czech Republic has been one of world’s most prolific producers of hockey talent. This proud nation is a major player on the global stage, producing all-stars and legends, winning Olympic gold and world championships, and boasting a fan base that is truly passionate about the game.

Discover one of the world’s great hockey nations on Play Hockey’s Elite Hockey Tour.

A proud history, a stunning present

Perhaps no other country on the continent holds as rich a history as the Czech Republic. Filled with centuries of stories and legends that capture the imagination, it offers majestic castles, world-class architecture, and ancestral findings—all of which are proudly displayed in the countries’ many historical sites and museums. When paired with picturesque scenery, a fun-loving and friendly population, and rich cultural experiences, it creates a travel experience unlike any other.

Lifelong memories await.


Play Hockey’s inaugural Elite Hockey Tour is part of the World Youth Championships. It’s made possible thanks to cooperation and support from our partners.